Marriage Manifesto


“All persons have the right to marry the person of their choice. Government shall not discriminate in the granting of civil marriage licenses, rights, and responsibilities. Religions are always free to define marriage according to their own beliefs.”

This Manifesto is:

Pro-freedom: People are free to marry if they so desire. No one is forced to marry anyone against their will, or in a manner which contradicts their understanding of marriage.

Pro-tolerance: Each person respects that others may have different definitions of marriage, for personal or religious reasons.

Pro-gay: Gay people can marry the person they love.

Pro-straight: No straight person shall find themselves in a loveless marriage with someone in the closet.

Pro-child: Provides a child with all the care, rights, and benefits that flow from having parents who are married (rather than being legal strangers).

Pro-family: Lets everyone belong to a family.

Pro-religion: Strengthens the American tradition of respect for all religious beliefs.

Pro-hope: Plants seeds of acceptance and thus eventually gives hope to those who finally realize that they were born gay.

Pro-commitment: Sets the expectation that gays and lesbians can marry rather than face a life of promiscuity, lacking in commitment.

Pro-society: Encourages a society where people can be their true selves and fulfill their pursuit of happiness.

Pro-adoption: A gay couple makes a stronger team when married, better capable of adopting and caring for children if they so desire.

Pro-aging: Married couples support each other as they grow old together, rather than being a burden on their families or the government. Everyone should be able to look forward to growing old with the person they love, rather than loneliness.

Pro-equality: Treats all persons equally.

Pro-love: Respects the love which compels two people to publicly commit themselves to each other for life.


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